Kompas agency with over 65 years of experience
Your travel expert
With experience and dedication since 1951. Kompas remains the partner you have been looking for!
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Large network
Consists of  20 companies, 4 representative offices and 4 franchise offices, located all over the world.
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Part of a big story
Agency that is a member of several important travel stories. Anywhere, anytime and always professional.
Passion and knowledge

Our team is powerful because of people that work in our family.


Strength lies in bonding and transferring knowledge from one to another

Creativity and Uniqueness

We always seek ways of enhancing the creativeness in our operations, communications and the products.


Our role of our travel company is a responsible one, for it represents a chain of travel and tourism service for entire world

Care about the environment

We implement environmentally friendly policies in our everyday work

The excellence of services

60+ years of existence proves our reputation of quality and excellence

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knowledge + experience = innovative ideas

Kompas’s primary aim is to be the world’s number one incoming travel agency for the Adriatic region and also to become one of Europe’s top three incoming travel and tourism operators.


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